Legal assistance of lawyers

Do you need a defense attorney’s help?

Legal assistance of lawyers

Are you looking to develop your business and ensure the legality of your enterprise?
The attorneys of “MK-Consulting” provide certified legal help in business maintenance on the territory of Belarus.
Legal support that shapes the success of your business!
The Minsk attorneys provide legal help in the following areas:
Business transaction support and maintenance of business projects. Legal help in settling contracts. Maintenance of investment projects.
Taxation optimization. Prevention of tax-related offenses.
Corporate risk management. Defense of business owners against unscrupulous managers, investors and creditors. Mediation of corporate conflicts.
Defense attorney services in Minsk regarding critical business situations and crises. Legal protection and representation of the company’s interests in government departments and courts. Debt collection.
Intellectual property defense. Securement and defense of rights to intellectual property objects (trademarks, “know-how”, etc.)
Defense attorney services for businesses undergoing liquidation or bankruptcy. Maintenance of the legal procedure of company liquidation, defense of interests in situations posing a risk of subsidiary liability.
Our most popular services:
Consultations on various areas of corporate law
Representation of interests in government departments and courts
Drafting and legal expertise of documents
Legal maintenance of business activities
Provision of tax safety for the business
Defense of intellectual property
Defense attorney services in Minsk will provide for the all-inclusive maintenance of your business: tax audits, risk management, contract security, crisis resolution, settlement of corporate negotiations, defense of intellectual property, and other types of qualified legal help!

Our lawyers will assist you in creating an effective business! We will help you to resolve any crisis, peacefully terminate your business relationships, collect debts, or liquidate/reorganize your company with minimal risks and costs.

How can you start working with us?
Step 1.
Reach out to an “MK-Consulting” representative via any communication route available on our website: contact phone numbers, e-mail adresses, or the feedback form.
Step 1.
Step 2.
State the main aspects of your problem.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Receive a preliminary legal assessment of your problem on the first day of your appeal and later the legal help of a certified attorney.
Step 3.

The deadlines of legal assistance are circumstantial and start from 1 business day.


The cost of the defense attorneys’ services starts at 120 Belarusian rubles.


Professional legal assistance is the best guarantee of your safety, and, in a number of scenarios, a possibility to avoid administrative and criminal prosecution!

Qualified and quick legal help is the main competence of our specialists!

• More than 50 closed cases

• More than 400 successful lawsuits

• More than $10 millions in assets that were saved by or returned to our clients.

Our team:
• Three lawyers with significant professional experience, certified by the Ministry of Justice

• Two anti-crisis managers, certified by the Ministry of Economics

• Two tax consultants, taught and certified by the Ministry of Finances
We come up with real solutions for your problems and provide you with easy-to-understand practical recommendations which will lead to a positive economic output.
Our latest cases:
IT Company
The court verdict regarding the owner’s liability in the bankrupcy of the company was overturned; the owner was no longer held liable.
Trade Company
The director’s subsidiary liability costing more than 230 000 BYN was overturned.
Manufacturing Company
The contract on the sale of property costing 3,248 BYN settled during a bankruptcy procedure was proclaimed invalid
Legal defense of business is the main specialty of our attorneys. We provide legal support on a number of issues potentially faced by business owners in Belarus.
We base our work on the principles of trust and honesty and apply clear and transparent systems of payment and service reporting. We only use legal methods and means and guarantee the confidentiality of our clients.
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