Liquidation of an LLC, legal entity and enterprise

We usually need three months, after which we will provide you with a certificate from the Unified State Register confirming that your enterprise has been liquidated.

The fee for services relating to the liquidation of enterprises and organizations

  • Preparation of documents for the initiation of the liquidation procedure for a legal entity and legal advice on carrying out the liquidation procedure – BYN 320.
  • Full performance of the liquidation procedure for an enterprise, starting from BYN 1,580.

Special offer: liquidation of the enterprise without your participation

We provide turnkey liquidation services for firms and organizations. If you need your organization liquidated, you sign a contract, and provide us with the documents, seal, and property of the company. Our company is officially appointed as a liquidator of the legal entity and the corresponding information is entered into the Unified State Register.

By choosing our law firm for the liquidation of your LLC, you will get professional legal assistance in the liquidation of the enterprise:

  • Preparation of documents to initiate the liquidation of a company with debts, entrepreneur;
  • Submission of an application to initiate the liquidation of the enterprise in Minsk to the Executive Committee;
  • Publication of an announcement in the media on the start of the liquidation procedure for the enterprise;
  • Receipt of creditors’ claims and maintenance of the creditors’ register;
  • Checking the validity and legitimacy of the claims of creditors;
  • Issuance of documents containing confirmation that creditors’ claims are included in the register;
  • Undergoing audits conducted by the Ministry for Taxes and Duties, the Social Security Fund (FSZN), and Belgosstrakh. Obtaining tax clearance certificates, and certificates of the existence of debts to the state budget;
  • Submission of reporting to all public authorities throughout the liquidation of the legal entity, firm, or organization;
  • Preparation of an interim liquidation balance;
  • Closing the current account;
  • Destruction of the round seal;
  • Archival processing of documents, and obtaining the certificate from the archive confirming that the documentation has been put in storage;
  • Submission of documents on the completion of the liquidation procedure for enterprises, firms, and other legal entities to the Executive Committee;
  • Obtaining the certificate from the Unified State Register confirming the completion of the liquidation procedure.

Liquidation of firms Liquidations of LLCs and legal entities in Minsk will be carried out by our lawyers with minimal losses for you.

If, in the process of liquidation, it turns out that the company’s assets are not sufficient to pay all creditors, the bankruptcy procedure will be initiated.

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