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MK-Consulting provides legal services in Minsk. Our experts work in several areas and are familiar with all legal developments in Belarus.
Our clients include construction companies, owners of food service and entertainment establishments, commercial vehicle manufacturers, foreign oil companies, and many others.
The cost of legal services depends on the volume and complexity of the work. Detailed information is available in the relevant section of the website or by phone.


Why is a law firm better than a staff lawyer?

An in-house lawyer is often competent in only the 2-3 areas he needs to do his job: (e.g., supply, hiring and dismissal of workers, and payment of VAT on import from Russia). He has no need to gain expertise in other areas — and he won’t. This makes perfect sense: his employer pays for his time rather than for results.
A lawyer who renders legal services is a different story. The more he knows, the more services he will be able to provide. The better a specialist he is in a particular field, the more he is paid. Direct interest in professional development. In Belarus, with dynamically developing legislation, if you step away from the business for half a year, your knowledge is hopelessly outdated.
So when there is a commercial dispute not directly related to the operations of the company, not every lawyer will be able to analyze the legislation and case law on the little-understood subject in a short period of time.

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