New Organization Registration

Do you need to register your company?

New Organization Registration

Do you have no time to register your organization in Minsk by yourself?
Delegate your organization registration needs to the attorneys of “MK-Consulting”.
We will take care of all formal needs regarding the company registration procedure
Popular “MK-Consulting” legal services in the area of organization registration
Consultations on the unique features of the procedure
Formalization of labor contracts
Opening an account in a partner bank
Agreements on company names
Company registration in the absence of founders
Tax-related consultations
What mistakes can you make if you choose to register your company by yourself?
Incomplete paperwork. This is enough for registration to be denied.
Unfinished procedures such as the formalization of the internal documentation or audits to the Tax Ministry (ИМНС), the Social Security Fund (ФСЗН), or other bodies.
A model chapter that was downloaded from the Internet complete with data that do not accurately reflect your business. Any paperwork containing even partially inaccurate data is considered invalid.
The wrong choice of founder. A number of limitations regarding individuals entering business are present in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
Submitting false or unreliable data is considered a basis to invalidate an organization; this can happen before, during, or even several years after the company has been opened.
4 Steps to the Turnkey Process of Company Registration:
Step 1.
A consultation with a specialist. Submit your Minsk registration request through the form available on our website or via phone.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Preparation of the paperwork. We prepare the entire document package, including a letter of attorney, in order to act on the behalf of the client.
Step 2.
Step 3.
State registration of the organization in the Minsk City Executive Committee.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Final registration procedure. Maintenance of document formalization and obtainment in the state bodies.
Step 4.

The minimal possible deadline for organization registration is 1 business day.


The cost of turnkey organization registration procedure begins at 350 Belarusian rubles (BYN).

Why do our clients trust us with the maintenance of their company registration?

• More than 50 closed cases

• More than 400 successful lawsuits

• More than $10 millions in assets that were saved by or returned to our clients.

Our team:
• Three lawyers with significant professional experience, certified by the Ministry of Justice

• Two anti-crisis managers, certified by the Ministry of Economics

• Two tax consultants, taught and certified by the Ministry of Finances
Our attorneys will help you to register your company in the way that is the most feasible for your particular business area.
Our Latest Cases:
ОАО “АЭК”, Russian Company
661 637 rubles were recovered in the plaintiff’s favor.
ООО Variax
A formal agreement was made on the payment of a large sum of money from the state agency “Minsk Regional Veterinary Station”.
EC Venture Capital, British Company
A large sum of money (main debt) was recovered from OAO “Minsk Margarine Plant”.
We offer you a package deal: the turnkey registration of your company as well as other services, such as the preparation of paperwork necessary for the registration, lease of a legal address, and business maintenance.
We do our work professionally, quickly, and in the highest quality, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, saving the time and efforts of our clients.
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