Registration of a foreign organization's representative office

Foreign companies have the right to operate in Belarus in two forms: an incorporated legal entity or a representative office. In the latter case, the organization does not have the status of legal entity and performs a number of auxiliary functions:

  • facilitating the performance of international agreements, finding ways to further develop and improve cooperation and the exchange of useful information;
  • examining the country’s relevant markets;
  • opening commercial enterprises with the participation of foreign investors;
  • booking and selling tickets for all types of transport, etc.

If you need a permit to establish such a representative office, MK-Consulting is here to help. A representative office can be established within 7 to 10 days, and the fee for this service starts at $600.

What is a representative office?

It is a separate unit which is located on the territory of a foreign state that performs representational functions. A representative office does not have a separate balance sheet and exists at the expense of the parent company. The representative office is considered opened upon the receipt of an official permit to operate.

Permits to open a representative office are issued for 3 years with the possibility of further extension for the same period.

The parent company is obliged to be registered with the public authorities, as well as to open a current account in a bank of the country.

What documents are required?

  • Extract from the trade register of the country in which the organization is incorporated;
  • The original translation of the passport data of the head of the company;
  • The passport data of the authorized person in charge of opening the representative office;
  • The original or a copy certified by a notary of the constituent instrument of the company, with apostille if necessary.

What information should be specified?

  • Core activities of the organization;
  • Objectives and activities that the representative office plans to carry out;
  • Telephone and fax number of the head organization and the head of the representative office.

What services does MK-Consulting provide?

If you intend to open a representative office in order to study the market and establish contacts, MK-Consulting offers the following services. Preparation of:

  • a draft decision on opening a foreign organization’s representative office and appointment of management with notarial translation;
  • an application to open a representative office;
  • the translation of an extract from the trade register of the country concerned with notarization;
  • a power of attorney for the director, as well as for the person to whom the opening of representative office is entrusted;
  • regulations for the organization;
  • a training program/project activities that will be undertaken by the representative office in the country;
  • an employment contract for the Chief Accountant;
  • collection and preparation of the package of documents for the registration of the organization with the public authorities;
  • documents needed to open an account.

Whether to open a representative office or register a legal entity is the main question that a non-resident must answer. The representative office has a truncated status and may not carry out commercial activities.

If you would like a consultation on the matter, please call the telephone numbers listed on the website.

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