Registration of organizations with foreign members

If you are planning to register a for-profit organization that includes foreign members MK-Consulting can do this for you quickly and professionally.

The procedure will take from 2 to 5 days; our fee starts at $360. Company registration in Belarus does not require your personal presence – registration can be done using a power of attorney, and we can exchange all documents by mail.

What rights do foreign members have?

Until recently, the business activities of non-residents were regulated by the Investment Code, which contained the concept of a “for-profit organization with foreign investments”. This has since been replaced by the law “On investments,” wherein this term does not exist. What is the benefit?

Foreign investors have the opportunity to open a business with any amount of investment in any legal form permitted by law. The presence of a foreign investor does not affect the registration mechanism, which is common to all for-profit organizations.

Foreign members have the same rights as Belarusian ones

  • to purchase shares, participatory interests, and shares in the assets of the organization (including when increasing the authorized fund);
  • to make pecuniary/non-pecuniary contributions in foreign currency or Belarusian rubles, without restrictions or a minimum or maximum amount (for UE, LLC);
  • to obtain information on the activities of the company and participate in the management of the company.

What documents are required for registration?

  • for founders who are foreign nationals: an original notarized translated copy of the passport;
  • for founders that are foreign legal entities: extract from the trade register of the country of origin (if necessary, legalized or apostilled and notarized translation);
  • The passport details of the head of the organization and its chief accountant;
  • power of attorney to represent the interests of the founders, certified by a notary (if necessary).

What information should be disclosed?

  • type of activity of the organization;
  • size of the authorized fund;
  • principle of the distribution of shares and contributions between the founders;
  • the legal address of the company;
  • the term of office for the CEO and accountant;
  • full name and position for representatives of legal entities;
  • 3-5 different options for the company’s name.

What services does MK-Consulting offer?

We provide advice and assist with documents, and also offer turnkey registration service, which includes:

  • preparing an application on the approval of the name of an organization with foreign members;
  • the presence of a lawyer during the process of the approval of the name of an organization with foreign members;
  • preparing the charter of the organization;
  • preparing the minutes of meetings of the founders;
  • preparing the application for state registration;
  • preparing the minutes of meetings on the appointment of the CEO;
  • preparing a management contract with the head of the organization;
  • preparing a contract for the Chief Accountant;
  • preparing orders for the Director and Chief Accountant to take office;
  • preparing an order on the dates of salary payment to employees;
  • preparing the package of documents required to open a current account for the future organization.

When you come to us, you can count on timely and comprehensive legal advice, quick solutions for your issues, and a guarantee of successful registration.

Should you have further questions about registration procedures or the final amount of payment, please give us a call.

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