Защита при субсидарной ответственности

We help you to maintain your business. We resolve negotiations. We collect debts. We protect financial assets.

“MK Consulting” Legal Services

The MK Consulting law firm helps to maintain Belarusian businesses since 2010. Our client companies specialize in areas such as construction, healthcare, trade, automobile transportation, IT, HoReCa and advertising.

We work with clients from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, China, Ukraine and Russia.

All of the lawyers working with MK Consulting are certified by the Justice Ministry of Republic of Belarus. Two of our workers are certified in anti-crisis management and have practical experience with bankruptcy cases. We also have a certified securities/valuable documentation specialist on our team. The interests of our clients are represented by a defense attorney in court or in an international arbitrage establishment.


► More than 1 million rubles have been collected from debts;

► The collective debt of companies undergoing bankruptcy procedures is estimated at more than 10 million rubles;

► The sum of negotiated contracts is estimated at more than 0,5 million rubles;

► The sum of appealed tax office acts is estimated at more than 5 million rubles.


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