Recovery of debts

We offer some of the best terms for debt collection (debt collection services) in Minsk. Call us and get a free consultation regarding your situation.

Cost of services

  • Collection of debt from legal entities through summary proceedings – from BYN 280;
  • Collection of outstanding receivables from legal entities through a lawsuit, from BYN 340;
  • Recovery of the payment for legal services is sought from the debtor.
  • If you order a large package of services involving the return of receivables, we will always offer you a discount.

Our advantages

Our lawyers have successfully collected more than 100,000 euros per year.

The return of receivables is divided into the following stages:

  • We analyze the prospects for debt recovery through court proceedings in Minsk and give you our honest opinion as to your chances for success.
  • We participate in negotiations with the debtor. One of our cases involved negotiations on debt collection in court that lasted 6 months, but which saved our client USD 40,000.
  • We collect the evidence we need to successfully conduct the case.
  • We represent your interests in court, before regulatory bodies, and in negotiations with partners.
  • Our clients are represented in court by lawyers with more than five years of professional experience. We take measures to challenge improper judgments.
  • We don’t just get judgments for debt collection and collection of receivables from legal entities, but also organize their actual execution. We take measures to search for the assets of the debtor, seize his accounts and assets, and then sell them at auction. We partner with one of the largest companies in Belarus for the sale of collateral.

The main types of commercial disputes our lawyers work with:

  • debt collection under contracts.

Debt collection under supply agreements is one of the most common types of commercial disputes in Belarus.

Our lawyers will make every effort to ensure that debt under supply agreement is collected, and debt collection under contractor agreements is done as quickly as possible.

We work to recover not only the principal amount from the debtor, but also interest for failure to pay money, penalties, and the cost of legal services.

  • Commercial disputes arising from a construction contract.

Disputes in the construction industry are considered to be one of the toughest categories of commercial cases. The large number of specific laws and regulations, the individuality of each case, and the need for extensive examination of each  specific case, all contributed to making disputes in the sphere of construction long and labor-intensive.

Protection from consumer extremism

The law “On the protection of consumer rights” is aimed at providing consumers with additional rights and safeguards to protect them from low-quality goods and services.

However, some savvy consumers abuse the rights granted to them in order to obtain undue benefits. Our lawyers have experience protecting the interests of companies against the unreasonable demands of consumers.

Disputes with public authorities, and challenging the decisions and actions of the public authorities (Inspectorate of the Ministry for Taxes and Duties, customs authorities)

Almost every businessman has at some point in his career faced a problem with tax audits when he did not agree with the findings of the inspector. Our practice includes examples of successful appeals against the decisions and actions of the public authorities, which helped save the founders of companies significant amounts of money.

Disputes between founders

When the founders of a company are in conflict, their business will inevitably suffer losses. Very often, when starting a business, the founders agree on certain “informal understandings,” but do not put them in writing. And once the business reaches a certain point of profitability, some begin to violate these understandings. One partner “forgets” about the partnership agreements, another begins to believe that his contribution is more expensive than the share in the authorized capital. Various methods of influence are applied. When such conflicts are protracted, businesses can face collapse. We have experience with this type of case, both through the out-of-court resolution of conflicts (negotiation), and through legal action.

Collection of debts from state-owned companies and agricultural enterprises

There is a perception that it is very difficult to win a court case against a state-owned enterprise, and that it is almost impossible to ensure the return of debt through legal action and collection of overdue debt from an agricultural enterprise. Our experience, however, suggests otherwise – our lawyers have obtained positive judgments in favor of our clients and their real execution.

Litigation in the field of IT

IT is a relatively young industry in Belarus. Therefore, many concepts and occurrences in the industry are not yet reflected in the legislation. To successfully gather evidence, a lawyer who protects the interests of IT companies needs to have a certain amount of technical knowledge in addition to legal expertise. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in disputes involving IT companies.

Representation of the defendant

If you act as a defendant, our lawyers will find a way to reduce your losses to the minimum. One of our clients saved USD 40,930 due to a properly constructed position during the trial.

Work with foreign companies

Are you a foreign company with a Belarusian debtor who has not fulfilled the terms of your contract for a long period of time, continually naming new payment dates? We will help you get your money as soon as possible. Debt collection from a foreign company is difficult for the creditor. You need to prepare documents, pay fees, and delve into the nuances of foreign law, all while the debtor is using your money.

We provide complete representation of your company’s interests within Belarus. Our lawyers speak English. Negotiations can be conducted with the assistance of an interpreter.

* The full representation of your interests means from the first claim up to the moment you receive your money.

Has a court ruled in your favor, but the debtor is in no hurry to execute its decision?

To collect debts, it is necessary to recognize the judgment of a foreign court in the territory of Belarus. We provide full support for the procedure of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards.

Our clients include English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, and Baltic companies. The complete list of companies that have put their trust in us can be found here. We have collected fairly substantial amounts of debt through court proceedings for our foreign clients both from state-owned enterprises and private companies.

Special offer for foreign companies

You do not need to be present in Belarus – debt collection services in Minsk can be provided remotely. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documents, and wait for a report from us about the execution of your order for debt collection services.

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