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According to estimates available from international organizations, Belarus has one of the most complicated tax systems in the world. This system puts one of the highest tax burdens on business. Taxation issues should therefore be treated most carefully.

In establishing a legal entity in Belarus, there is a choice between two tax systems: general and simplified. Individual entrepreneurs (hereafter, “IP”) may choose between three systems: the personal income tax, unified tax, and simplified tax system.

This choice is not always given careful consideration in the creation of a business; many do not even know of its existence, or that it must be done within 20 business days from the receipt of the certificate of registration of the company (IP). After that, the next opportunity to move to the simplified tax system will be only from October 1 to December 31 of each year.

In Belarus, there are numerous accounting and law firms offering to help clients choose the right tax system.

 How does one distinguish the professionals from the amateurs?

First of all, law and accounting firms that help choose a tax system professionally would never tell the client after a 15-minute conversation: “register as an LLC and go to the simplified tax system.” Companies that provide professional tax advice and tax load planning will first gather as much information as possible about the planned revenue, costs, number of staff, customer base (entities or individuals), and the geography of economic activity. Then the specialist will calculate the tax burden, taking into account the application of different tax systems and the participation of various economic entities (organizations and individual entrepreneurs). Only then will he or she provide the client with several options for the organization of activities, with the calculation of the tax burden for every option.

In selecting any consultant (in the fields of finance, law, or accounting), it is essential to remember one simple thing: you pay for advice once, but you pay taxes every month.

When dealing with competent professionals, the cost of tax advice is covered within the first month of work.

 Why choose us?

We organize support for complex transactions, multi-stage transactions, transactions with real estate, and with the participation of non-resident companies with full legal support at each stage. The tax burden is calculated before each transaction is carried out. If necessary, requests are sent to the appropriate authorities.

In addition:

  • we prepare a calculation of the expected tax burden at the start of the business project;
  • help choose the optimal tax system for organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • give advice on the optimization of taxation;
  • develop plans to distribute the tax burden with the participation of organizations and individual entrepreneurs, residents, and non-residents;
  • protect the interests of organizations undergoing tax audits.
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